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Wall Mount 1200BTU


  • Brand-new panel design-Simple, featly and voguish appearance suit for different requirements, it’s mostly used for office, shopping center, restaurant, meeting room and etc..
  • Ultra-thin body design, the min. height is only 275mm, save installation space.
  • 4-way air flow, cold air can reach each corner of the room, providing a stable and comfortable environment.
  • Intelligent auto-swing function, three modes for choice.
  • 3 fan speed, meet for different requirement.
  • Three-dimensional centrifugal fan design.
  • Energy saving and healthy, adopting hydrophilic aluminum fins increasing heat-exchange efficiency.
  • Easy and convenient installation and maintenance, washable filter design.
  • Built-in water pump, water head up to 800mm.
  • Fire resistance design, the E-box with galvanized steel built-in body easy for maintenance.
  • Fresh air intake.
  • Multi protection and auto-restart function.
  • Standard for wireless controller; option for wired controller.


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