is strengthened with a highly qualified, experience and dedicated team of
professionals in the field of consumer electronics and industrial refrigerant which
handles Chest Freezers, Bottle Coolers, Air Conditioners and all other
Home Appliances.
Providing 24 hour 07 day peace of mind after sales site service to all customers
patronizing us.
We always believe our customers are “partners “of our business
Our team of experts has identified “Customer Care?and the company’s “After Sales
Service?as the main key to the business and strongly believes in having best
standards of reliable quality products which will be affordable to our customers.
While describing the company’s main intention, the back born behind the company’s
success will depend on the Management which comprises of two Directors with
nearly 15 years of experience on bottle coolers, chest freezers as well as on
consumer durables field which counts on home appliances, air conditioners,
televisions, audio video and refrigerators respectively



Pizza Hut



Sri Lanka Navy


Sri Lanka Air Force



Apeksha Hospital

Competitive & Innovative Service

As One of the top 500 enterprises in China, AUX Group, established in 1966 with 29 years of development, has become a big enterprise group which covers 6 industries intelligent power equipment, home appliance, mobile intelligent terminal, real estate, medical service and financial institution. In year 2014, the AUX Group sales volume reached CNY 55.2 billion with total assets of 37.4 billion, whose brand has been over ten billion. It was more than 20,000 employees and 7 manufacturing bases. It also owns two listed companies (601567.SH, 02080.HK), and five high-tech companies.

AUX not only work on its development, but also care about performing its social responsibility. In the past years, it donated CNY 220 million in total to various public programs, such as the field of education, disaster relief and environment protection. In the new era, AUX will keep carrying out WIN strategy (Worldwide, Intelligent, Navigating AUX) in accordance with our mission of “creating an intelligent living Environment and an out standing working environment”. Seeking a win-win future with our partners and developing step by step, we will work hard to become a world-famous company. Our first step will be working on the 5-year-target of achieving the goal of 100 billion sales volume, 100 billion market value and 10 billion profits in the year 2020.

Value Addition





Rovel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

No. 186/1, Horana Road, Boralesgamuwa.

Hotline – 0115 99 88 99


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